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At SXSW in early 2014, Lady Gaga performed a title-less song dedicated to her fans, Semi-Precious Weapons, and Lady Starlight. Because Lady Gaga began using the hashtag #Monster4Life earlier this month, it is believed that the song in this snippet is ‘Monster4Life.’

I’ll be a monster for life
A little monster for life
With Gaga and her Starlight
A little monster for life

We’re semi-precious at best
And breathing love like the rest
And we all wear dirty pearls
It’s just the way that we’re dressed

And it went off with a hitch
As we just danced in our niche
And then the world followed suit
We became famous for this

Forget the money or grand
Because our luxury’s glam
I’ll be your monster for life

Source, skip to 39:49

What do you think? Do you think ‘Monster4Life’ is a hashtag, or do you believe it is a song?

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